Organic food is important to us, Why?

Good for Ur Heart

Lot many times, we eat food for our Tounge (i.e. How it tastes) and for our eyes (i.e. How it looks), instead we must listen to our Heart and eat what is good for our Health

It Preserves Nature

Heavy Usage of Chemicals and Pesticides are not only harmful to us but for the health of our Motherland. We need to preserve our land so next generations can continue farming and feed us.

It improves Eco- Wellbeing

Organic Farming saves natures basic Geo-cycle and improves Heath of soil, farmers and consumers. IT's Win-Win for all

So How does it Work?

Register Yourself
You can Register with us by simply sending an email to or What's App request to 8097796070
Send Us an Order
Once you are added to an Email or Whats App group , you will receive Order form once in a week and you need to confirm your order in respective group within prescribed order window
Pick up your Delivery from collection center
When you register with us, we notify your nearest collection point and schedule. You need to come with your shopping bag to pick up your fresh food in the given schedule