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Anuradha Patki
Anuradha PatkiSahakar Nagar 2
Onest Orgnanic Group! Thanks to this group of enthusiastic people who have tied up with farmers to provide the fresh Organic vegetables and Fruits at my doorstep.I have been using the farm produce and groceries provided by Onest organic for few years and I am happy with my decision.Their service is very prompt, you get to know about the produce availability well in advance for you to order.Also your order is delivered to you at your doorstep which doesn’t leave you any reason not to purchase from this group.I am hoping they will keep on adding more and more products to ...
Mdhavi Phadke
Mdhavi PhadkeSahakar Nagar 2
या वर्षी सहकार नगर ला राहायला आल्यापासून ONEST कडून रेग्युलर भाज्या घेता आल्या.. भाज्या, फळे, ग्रोसरी मध्ये भरपूर variety सुरु केल्यामुळे प्रत्येक ऋतू प्रमाणे वेगवेगळ्या भाज्या आणि फळांचा आनंद घेता आला..हिवाळ्यात अप्रतिम अंजीर, चिक्कू, सफरचंदे होती. उन्हाळ्यात आंबे, नंतर जांभळे.. आणि पावसाळ्यात टाकळ्या सारख्या सहज न मिळणाऱ्या भाज्या.. राजमाच्या शेंगा मी पहिल्यांदा बघितल्या.. राजमा खूप चवदार होता.. भाज्या ताज्या आणि कोवळ्या असतातच पण सगळ्यात महत्वाचे म्हणजे बिनधास्त खाता येतात कारण organic आहेत याबद्दल विश्वास असतो. आणि यासाठी ऑनेस्ट टीम चे खूप कौतुक आणि धन्यवाद.. कारण हे काम नक्कीच सोपे नाहीए!! All the Best!! 👍
डॉ रणजीत देशमुख
डॉ रणजीत देशमुखधनकवडी
आम्ही गेल्या चार महिन्यापासून "ऑनेस्ट" ह्या उपक्रमातून सेंद्रिय भाजीपाला, फळे आणि इतर उत्पादने घेत आहोत. सेंद्रिय पद्धतीने उत्पादन केलेल्या भाज्या आणि धान्य खात्रीपूर्वक कोठे मिळेल, ह्याचा मी बरेच दिवस शोध घेत होतो. चार महिने सातत्याने वापर केल्यानंतरच मी या शेतमालाची आग्रही शिफारस करीत आहे.श्री अजित आणि श्री शैलेश या मित्रांनी स्वतःचे व्यवसाय सांभाळून कष्टाने आणि चिकाटीने हा अत्यंत स्तुत्य उपक्रम चालू केलेला आहे. तो यशस्वी होण्यासाठी आणि मुख्यतः आपल्या सर्वांच्याच आरोग्यमयी भवितव्यासाठी आपणही यात सहभागी होऊ यात!
Dr. Pankaj Patil
Dr. Pankaj PatilKarve Nagar
I wanted to share my fresh experience regarding ONEST organic food and vegetables. I have a European female patient of 68 years for panchakarma treatments in Nov and Dec . As a part of treatment , I was providing her diet from my home kitchen. In 3 weeks of diet cooked with organic products and all fruits and veggies, I got a very good success in treating this patient and she could not only believe but also very confident about the positive change in her health. I must say thanks Ajit for providing this facility to get fresh and organic ...
Madhuri Mahadik
Madhuri MahadikKarve Nagar
Appearances are deceptive. It's true even for veg & fruits.Perfect sized gourds or beans may catch our eyes but it's likely that our tongue is unhappy and health is in danger. I learned this after I started buying organic stuff from ONEST.Other than the rich nutritious values, the very taste of fruits & veg brings back the old memories for 50+ generation who were lucky enough to cherish these in their childhood.A BIG Thank You to the entire Onest team for their good work, prompt service and receptive attitude.
Prasad Er
Prasad ErApte Road
I was searching for good Organic Vegetables when I moved to Pune. Finally I found ONEST and a regular customer for last one year. Satisfied with quality of Vegetables and Fruits supplied by them. I find the products are genuinely ORGANIC and happy to continue with them.
Ranjan Belkhode
Ranjan BelkhodeApte Road
I am eating Organic vegetables because Organic is healthy for body. It's kind of future investment for me and my family. After all, Health is Wealth.
Gauri Mahajan
Gauri MahajanKarve Nagar
I have lived in Kolthare, Tal. Dapoli and hence can clearly distinguish the natural taste. I do buy Vegetables and Fruits frequently from ONEST. To name in Fruits Banana and Gwava are really tasty. Even the Potato’s are so different than what we get in market. From Farmers perspective to avoid wastage, I have also helped in preparing Banana floor, which is not that common in Pune . I wish I can get it every day, as currently it is just once a week.
Surya Prakash
Surya PrakashApte Road
I am associated with the organic movement since 2005, when I came in contact with ‘Sendriya Setu’, a farmer’s  co-operative, growing and supplying organic daily to Pune'tes, under the leadership of Smt.Vasudha Sardar.  All modern diseases like cancer, diabetes, blood pressure are associated with the toxins we feed to our body through the food we eat.ONEST is taking forward the mission started by Smt. Vasudha and successfully meeting the demand of organic vegetables and grocery in Pune city for more than a year now. In today's age when shear profit has become the only goal of any venture, ONEST's selfless service to the society is very valuable and worth applauding. I sincerely thank ONEST for their ...
Srihari Dukkipati
Srihari DukkipatiKarve Nagar
It is a luxury to be able to purchase a weekly supply of organic vegetables at quantities that we need. I would like to thank ONEST for doing a wonderful job with the logistics to provide organic vegetables on-demand on a weekly basis. Having been a consumer of organic vegetables (whenever possible) for the last 6 years, I understand how difficult it is to ensure reliable supply of these perishable commodities given the low volumes. ONEST is able to do this consistently and at reasonable prices is a testament to their streamlined operations
Aditi Joshi Mundi
Aditi Joshi MundiSahakar Nagar 2
I have been a regular customer of 'ONEST' since last 6 months. What started out as a curiosity to try out organic food, quickly hooked us into the world of organic produce ranging from vegetable,fruits and other groceries. The quality and freshness of the organic produce brings out the best in the homemade cuisines. After shifting to all organic diet, I could see a remarkable difference in family's overall health and immunity levels . I make it a point to spend few minutes every Thursday of the week, in 'ONEST' to purchase fresh organic produce which arrives direct from farm- ...
Amit Agavekar
Amit AgavekarKarve Nagar
Hospitable Staff, Customer Oriented, Genuinely fresh & better quality of Organic food with comparison to vegetables & fruits available in market. Overall it is good to be associated with Onest. Have recommended the same to a bunch of people. Thank you Onest team for providing toxin-free, nutritious organic vegetables to us. Please keep up the good work.
Nikhil Bhagwat
Nikhil BhagwatBibvewadi
I always believed that Organic fresh and salads are a great way of providing right nutrition to your body.When I got connected with Onest I could conveniently buy a Green Tokri mixed salad bag with a variety of green leafy salads. Today I could use the contents of this salad bag to make a salad sandwich which was yummy to taste and Super healthy to eat. What more I could enjoy this healthy snack with another health drink Kokam Soda, again a goo Product available with Onest only in Pune. Thanks Onest for bringing nutrition at my door steps !!!!